Smart Wedge

Warranty: 24 Months

Complete your Smart Spotting Block System with the Smart Wedge Block! This solid foam piece is designed to help teach bar skills and and aid in learning transitions.

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The Smart Wedge Blocks are specially designed to help athletes to learn important basic shapes efficiently.  This wedge measures 72-inches high x 41-inches x 22 inches wide and can be positioned to use the three different wedge angles interchangeably for various  learning progressions.

The Smart Wedge Block is made of dense foam covered with heavy-grade, easy-to-clean vinyl.  Sturdy handles allow for the wedge to be moved easily.  Used in pairs, the Smart Wedge Block can be placed on top of the Smart Spotting Blocks to teach a myriad of skill progressions from beginner to advanced.  An athlete can instantly “see” when their feet land higher and higher on the mat as they are working toward a cast or clear hip to handstand.

Placed on the floor, the Wedge is a nice ramp that makes it easier  to climb up to a tall station on bars.  Athletes can experience each  phase of a giant swing using  the Wedge in various positions from floor bar work to breaking down the beginning of down swings on low bar.

The Smart Wedge Blocks support the athlete through the process and will help create independent confident learners by offering immediate feedback on performance.  Be sure to check out the product video for more ideas on how to use the Smart Wedge Block!

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