Adjustable Trapeze Bar

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Swing and play with confidence on the Tumbl Trak Adjustable Trapeze Bar! Featuring our signature rounded corners, adjustable straps, and grippy PPR rubber. Turn any bar into a station to improve grip strength, kips, tap swings, flyaways, and more.

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Trapeze is not just for circus artists!

Anyone who loves to swing will love the Adjustable Trapeze Bar!  Easy to attach to any bar or set of rings using the adjustable straps, this bar will make obstacle courses, ninja runs, and strength training stations super fun!  Gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts will appreciate having a swinging station to improve grip strength, tap swings, kip drills, and flyaways.

Choose from various height settings by clipping into the color-coded vinyl tabs that help keep the bar perfectly level.  The curved, high-grade aluminum bar has a grippy PPR rubber coating that keeps athletes swinging safely. 

Included in the system is a pair of suede-lined pads that help protect your bar while using the Adjustable Trapeze Bar.  

  • Ideal for fun swinging and strength-building stations for beginner through advanced athletes.
  • Can be used on a Jr Training Bar, uneven bar, high bar, parallel bars, or any bar rated for this type of use.
  • Hanging, sitting, or standing on this bar provides lots of options for use!
  • We DO NOT recommend jumping or landing on the bar as it is not rated for this type of use.
  • Attach to a bar by inserting the steel carabiner between the layers of webbing at the desired height with the color-coded tabs.
  • Weight Limit of user: 200 pounds when used as intended
  • Sturdy nylon webbing straps with stitched vinyl and color-coded tabs for easy height adjustments.
  • Adjust the height of the trapeze bar from the hanging apparatus from 18in to 24in with steel carabiners (3 height adjustments at 18in, 21in, and 24in)
  • High-grade aluminum bar with curved ends covered in grippy PPR rubber.
  • Use Tumbl Trak 9-ft Straps to extend the length of the trapeze bar strap options.
  • Be sure to use ample matting underneath the apparatus where performers will be swinging and landing.
  • Suede-lined bar protectors reduce wear on the bar.
  • We DO NOT recommend jumping or landing on the bar as it is not rated for this type of use.
  • Suede-lined bar protectors are intended to be used tightly secured to the bar, (suede side facing the bar), to reduce wear on the bar.

Can the Adjustable Trapeze Bar be used outdoors?
The Adjustable Trapeze bar is made of materials that could be damaged when exposed to outdoor elements like sun, rain, or snow.  Using it outdoors would void the warranty.

The pads that came with my Adjustable Trapeze Bar have worn out.  Can I purchase replacement pads?
Yes, you can purchase replacement pads.

Can I use the Adjustable Trapeze Bar without the suede-lined pads?
Yes, the Trapeze Bar can be used without the suede-lined pads.  The yellow webbing can be used to hang the trapeze bar directly from a high bar, parallel bars set or other suitable bar.

How often can I expect to replace the pads?
The pads are intended to absorb the wear of the webbing as it shifts on the bar.  Although wear will vary from program to program, if used rigorously the pads will need to be replaced more frequently.

Can I use this bar as a sitting swing?
Yes, the bar is sturdy enough to sit and swing on.  Keep in mind the bar is not intended for the type of impact that is jumping or landing on.

How do I clean the Adjustable Trapeze bar?
Use warm soapy water and a damp cloth to wipe the bar clean.  Allow to dry thoroughly before use.   Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the surface of the PPR rubber.

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