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The Handstand Homework Mat is a home use mat designed to teach and support correct handstand shaping, an absolute necessity in all facets of the sport of gymnastics. It is designed to easily attach to any door with slide-on clips and Velcro straps.

Developed by Tumbl Trak Innovator Tom Forster

Owner of Aerials Gymnastics. Coached in three World Championships ('95,'96,'01), the Olympic Trials ('96), and numerous international competitions.

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When used under the direction and guidance of the workbook (included with purchase), the Handstand Homework Mat helps athletes to focus on the proper technique required for a perfect handstand, thereby improving gymnastics performance all around.  The handstand is an important shape for all four events in gymnastics.

  • Encourages handstand practice at home.
  • The mat is reversible and can also be used on the floor as a tumbling mat.  It features a Cartwheel Mat design on one side, and blue carpet with a 6-foot long x 4-inch wide white beam stripe on the other.
  • The carpeted surface allows items like the Fun Sticks to be Velcroed for additional challenges.
  • The base mat easily folds up so the door can freely open and close when not in use.
  • Fits Standard Doors at 80" High and 1-3/8" thick. **The door onto which the mat will be mounted should not be more than 1-3/8in thick.**Fits a standard door. It will not fit custom sized doors.
  • Includes a 60-page instructional Handstand Homework Book that demonstrates the shapes necessary to achieve the perfect handstand.
  • Developed with Tom Forster, USA Gymnastics National Team Coordinator.
  • Available in four colors: lime green, purple, pink and red.

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  • 9ft long x 2ft wide x 5/8in thick
  • Front side is closed loop carpet with a white velcro line going down the center
  • Back is 18 oz vinyl with the cartwheel hands and feet silkscreen
  • The small 2ft x 3ft area which sits on the floor when laid out, folds up and out of the way with two velcro tabs for a secure fit.
  • All mounting hardware is included.

**The door onto which the mat will be mounted should not be more than 1-3/8in thick.**Fits a standard door. It will not fit custom sized doors.

Download the Handstand Homework Owner's Manual and sample pages from the Workbook here.

Does the workbook come with the mat?

Yes, the Handstand Homework Book comes with the Handstand Homework Mat

Does it come with the hardware necessary to attach the mat to the door?

Yes, door clips are included that will attach the mat to the top and bottom of a standard (1-3/8™) interior door.

Does it have to be attached to the door, can I use it on the floor?

Absolutely can be used laying flat on the floor, in fact the opposite side of the mat has the Hands and Feet placement for a cartwheel.

What size door does this fit?

Fits Standard Doors at 80" High and 1-3/8" thick

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