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Martial Arts are a combination of physical strength, patience, mental fortitude, and discipline. When you're attempting to learn a new skill, especially when you're practicing extreme martial arts, it helps to have the proper equipment. That's where Tumbl Trak comes in. Not only do we want you to succeed, but we want you to do it safely and with the proper equipment so that you can excel while staying injury free.

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March Matness

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Martial Arts skills and tricks continue to evolve and become more and more complex as athletes continue to push their bodies to the limit. Tumbl Trak has developed a line of useful equipment that help to elevate every take off, cushion every throw down and absorb the most impactful landing. Every instructor has known an athlete who lacks confidence and struggles to learn a new skills. Tumbl Trak equipment is often the much needed confidence booster that safely propels a student on the path to success. Choose from a wide array of mats, skill builders, and classroom management tools to fit your every need.

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That time, when the competition beam was 7 inches wide!

When Master Coach and Tumbl Trak mentor Leonard Isaacs designed the Laser Beam, instilling confidence was a key component of the intention of the beam. The Laser Beam Virtual Competition surely highlighted how athletes can really elevate their confidence, evident in the execution of skills and personality in the many routines that wow’d us!

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Motivate, Accountability, Positivity, Wellness, Fitness, Responsibility

When we talk about personal fitness we embrace all these positive aspects of our own personal day to day improvement. We strive to be better and encourage our children to live stronger and healthier lifestyles. We know a fit body helps improve our minds and overall sense of positive wellness. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and our communities to make healthy choices and be positive.

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A Celebration to Remember!

This year’s National Congress in Providence Rhode Island will be recorded in the Tumbl Trak history books as one to remember as we celebrated our 30 year anniversary! Those who visited our booth in the trade show hall were able to take a stroll down memory lane with us and view our company timeline that included the years we introduced iconic equipment, like the Tumbl Trak, or began partnerships with gymnastics greats like Chellsie Memmel.

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