Sectional Balance Beam

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The Tumbl Trak Sectional Balance Beam is not to be mistaken for others that look similar. Each 4 foot long section has velcro on each end allowing you to customize the length to fit your athletes needs.

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Starting at  $99.99
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Tumbl Trak Sectional Balance Beam is without compromise made of high quality materials at an affordable price. We craft each 4 foot section with long lasting dense foam, snuggly wrapped with soft suede that looks and feels like a competition balance beam. The base of the Sectional Balance Beam is 8 inches wide, and tapers to a 4 inch top which provides plenty of stability for even the most complex skills. A single Sectional Balance Beam is generally enough space for turns, jumps and handstands.

If your athlete is looking to practice tumbling skills like cartwheels or walkovers, opt for a Sectional Balance Beam 2-Pack. Leaps and tumbling connections? Add a third, fourth.... as many as you'd like. When not using the balance beam, it easily stores away in a closet or under a bed. Because we pay attention to the details, you can be rest assured your athlete will feel safe and secure with the Sectional Beam underfoot.

  • TOP QUALITY - A smooth synthetic suede cover sewn tightly around a tough two-layer foam offers the perfect amount of firmness to practice on. Don’t be fooled by imitation beams that use cheap foam which will break down after only a short period of use.
  • SMART DESIGN - Each beam is 4-feet long with a 4-inch top and comes with Velcro on either end to allow two or more to be joined together to make a longer training area. The base is 8-inches wide, providing optimal stability when the beam is on the ground.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Each beam weighs approximately 4 pounds, allowing for your athlete to move it from room to room and store it away easily.

Colors supplied in random.

Need help deciding which balance beam to invest in?  Watch this helpful Balance Beam Buying Guide video.

  • 4ft long x 4in high with 4in top that tapers down to an 8in wide base.
  • Weight = 2lbs
  • Units ship via small parcel (FedEx or UPS).
  • Colors supplied in random.

All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.

What is the recommended weight limit?

There is no weight limit on the Sectional Balance Beams.

How do the Sectional Balance Beams connect together?

The Sectional Balance Beam connects together easily with the permanently attached Velcro™ fastener.

Can you do a full turn on the Sectional Balance Beam?

The Sectional Balance Beam is made of a firm foam that will hold up to full turns, jumps and tumbling skills at all levels.  The top layer of foam on this balance beam helps it to hold its shape better than many others on the market, (in our opinion!).  Also, the suede cover is snug fitting and feels just like a competition balance beam. 

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