Core Training Conditioning Sliders

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Tumbl Trak's™ Conditioning Sliders are great for core conditioning, flexibility and shaping exercises for gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers, martial artists and anyone looking to improve his or her fitness.

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MSRP: $124.95 - $499.80
Starting at  $24.99
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Built for Clubs

Similar to slippery furniture movers, Conditioning Sliders have become a staple item for coaches and gymnasts looking to incorporate creative ways to improve strength and flexibility and expand your current slider routine.

  • Ideal for lunges, several core strengthening exercises and tumbling drills, like needle kicks and aerials.
  • Popular in many adult fitness routines and programs.
  • Features a dense, comfortable foam top and a slick, plastic bottom surface.
  • Measure 9-inches long x 6-inches wide and are sold as a pair.
  • Sliders can be used on carpet or vinyl mats (use on hardwood surface is not recommended).

Perfect for Home

Sliders have risen to the top of the ladder for home fitness equipment that works! Features include a soft padded top to cushion knees, hands, elbows, seats and feet as the user glides smoothly through exercises that challenge the whole body. One pair includes two Sliders. 

The FUNditioning with Sliders digital download can be purchased in combination with Conditioning Sliders. In this 30-minute video, the late John Smith of NASA Gymnastics in Gig Harbor, WA demonstrates how his athletes do strength and flexibility training with the Tumbl Trak™ Conditioning Sliders. John presents over 70 different Slider exercises that work the entire body.

  • 9.5'' long; 6'' wide.
  • Color: Royal Blue/Charcoal
  • Slippery plastic on bottom
  • .5in foam on top

All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.

Can you use these on hardwood floors? Or are these designed for carpet?

Although they may work on hardwood floors, I would not do it because they may leave scratch marks like a cardboard box could.

Are there straps to attach to the foot?

No, but they work great and no straps are needed.

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