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Gym Mats for Kids

The perfect gymnastic mats for children from toddlers to teens

Tumbl Trak offers a wide range of fun, colorful gymnastic mats for your kids to use at home. Featuring the same innovative design and rugged craftsmanship that’s made Tumbl Trak a favorite of gymnasts and coaches worldwide, our gym mats for kids reinforce important tumbling and gymnastic skills.

Why settle for cheap gym mats made with questionable materials when your child could be using the same high-end training mats found in schools, collegiate programs and elite training facilities? Tumbl Trak has been a leader in gymnastics training equipment since 1988. Our mats feature the highest-quality materials and are built to rigorous standards. They’re lead-free and meet the US government’s tough CPSIA standards for consumer safety.

Get your young gymnast on the right track with a genuine Tumbl Trak mat! To help you choose the right gym mat for your child, we’ve highlighted some of Tumbl Trak’s most popular mats below.

Gymnastic tumbling mats for kids

Tumbling Mats – for kids of all gymnastics levels

Our tumbling mats for kids are great for beginning gymnasts though advanced athletes. The mats are available in multiple sizes and feature bright colors and designs your kids will love. Our tumbling mats are strong and durable, providing proper cushioning for your child. And they’re easy to fold up and store – perfect for reducing clutter around the house.

Hopscotch Mats for kids to learn beam and long jump skills

Hopscotch Mats – for kids to practice beam and long jump

Tumbl Trak’s two-sided hopscotch mats for kids feature a hopscotch game on one side and a white stripe down the other, perfect for practicing beam skills and long jump. Kids love the colorful mat’s combination of a classic, timeless game with a training tool that reinforces basic gymnastics skills. Parents love the mat’s durability and ease of storage – simply fold it up and store when your child is done practicing. But you might find your young gymnast is using the mat so much they never want to put it away!

Cartwheel Beam Mats for children to learn beam and cartwheel skills

Cartwheel Beam Mats – for kids to practice beam and cartwheel

Our two-sided cartwheel beam mats for kids feature a wide white beam stripe on one side and cartwheel guides on the other. These mats help children learn proper hand placement for the cartwheel and reinforce their beam skills. Your kids will love the mat’s bright colors and bold graphics. You’ll love the mat’s quality construction and durability.

Jack and Jill gymnastic mats for young children

Jack and Jill Mat – for kids to learn new tumbling skills

Tumbl Trak’s Jack and Jill Mats for kids are perfect for young children learning new gymnastic skills as well as anyone looking for a softer, more forgiving tumbling mat. Our mat features a special foam combination resulting in a soft top layer that’s ideal for rolls, bridges, cartwheels and more. When folded, it’s narrower than other mats, making it easier for younger athletes to do basic skills over. When your kids are done, it’s easy to fold and stow away.

Jr. Practice Mat for kids

Jr. Practice Mat – for kids who need extra cushioning

Our Jr. Practice Mat for kids features four inches of soft cushioning, making it a perfect mat for your young gymnast’s falls and landings. Non-skid material on the bottom helps keep the practice mat in place. The mat also folds in half to create a high block useful in many other aspects of your child’s gymnastics practice. A versatile gymnastic mat for home use!

Teddy Bear Mats for beginner gymnasts

Teddy Bear Mats – for kids who need some extra encouragement

Tumbl Trak’s innovative teddy bear mats for kids are soft, fuzzy mats that, when placed on top of other mats, provide a friendly and encouraging surface for your novice gymnast. The mat helps your child learn plopping and falling can be fun and not scary. Your kids will love the new confidence they gain from the mat. You’ll love the mat’s durability and easy-to-wash surface!

Rainbow Pizza Mat for beginner gymnasts

Rainbow Pizza Mat – circle time just got easier

This mat is so visually appealing, it invites fun - and great classroom organization! Instructors can use simple cues to gather students in any number of circle time activities. The shape of each color segment is ideal for students to hop, jump, roll or cartwheel from color to color. Fold the mat to make a useful pie-shaped obstacle for oodles of fun activities.