Mountain Bar System

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The Mountain Bar System is designed to train basic to advanced bar shaping. The system includes a wooden bar attached to a steel frame built into the layers of the mat system that maximizes stability and offers endless versatility in training.

Developed by Tumbl Trak Innovator Brett Wargo

With over 20 years of coaching experience, Brett Wargo has helped countless gymnasts learn proper shaping for uneven bars.

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MSRP: $2,099.97
Hot Deal  $1,889.97 $2,099.97
Was  $2,099.97
You save $210.00
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The Mountain Bar System takes bar skills and shaping to the next level.  The specially engineered wooden bar rail is attached to steel framing that secures the bar to a firm foam base mat. A gentle sloping top mat provides an extra curve that is the key to maximizing bar drills and conditioning.

Designed by Brett Wargo, (renowned inventor of the Porcupine Pad and Head Coach at Ascend Gymnastics), this system can be used for a wide range of skills. Athletes can confidently practice beginner skills such as squats and tap swing shaping.  Advanced athletes will use it for giant swing shaping, Tkatchev drills and more without fear of the bar moving or shifting.

The full Mountain Bar System comes with three pieces.  The wooden rail measures 36-inches long and is attached to a steel frame that is engineered to fit securely in the firm foam bottom mat.  Velcro flaps hold the frame to the bottom mat securely.   The sloping top mat also has Velcro to secure the system together. Its 3-ft x 4-ft footprint makes it an excellent option for a bar side station and a compatible choice with the T Trainer, Smart Spotting Block System, or Base Block, offering even more training options.

Already have a T-Trainer?  Purchase the Mountain Bar System BASE which includes the bar and bottom mat.  The T-Trainer, combined with the Mountain Bar System Base is ideal for more dynamic bar training drills.

  • Designed with the optimal shape for the tight arch and hollow on uneven bars.
  • The gently sloping top mat allows for many shaping possibilities.
  • Its 3-ft x 4-ft footprint (bar extends out another 8-in) makes it an excellent option for a bar side station and a compatible choice with the T-Trainer, Smart Mat System, or Base Block, offering even more training options.
  • The 1½-in Beech wooden rail which measures 36-in long is attached to a steel frame that is nestled between the layers of the mats ensuring maximum stability.
  • The bar attachment secures to the mat so it will not move during use.
  • The system comes in three pieces. 
  • Compatible with the T-Trainer, Smart Spotting Block System and Vault Base Blocks.
  • Patent Pending
  • 3-ft x 4-ft footprint (bar attachment hangs out another 8-in)
  • Bar secures to the mat so it won’t move during use
  • 4-in x 4-in hook Velcro on corners matches up with Smart Spotting Blocks
  • Patent Pending
  • Use a damp cloth and warm soapy solution to clean all vinyl surfaces of the Mountain Bar System.
  • To remove  excess chalk on the wooden rail, use a soft brush.  Do not use water or chemical cleaners on the wooden rail as that may warp or damage the bar.

Can you remove the bar and use the product as just a mat?

When you remove the bar attachment, the remaining pieces work as a perfect mat to assist with skills like backwards rolls and kickovers.

I have a T-Trainer, can I purchase the bottom mat and bar separately?

Yes, you can!  In “options” above,  choose the Mountain Bar Base (SKU: MBS-BASE) which comes with the bottom mat and bar.

How heavy is the Mountain Bar Mat System?

The total system weighs 58 lbs. The mat is designed with handles on each side. We recommend two people help lift the system for easier transport.

Can you use the Mountain Bar Mat System standing up with the bar at the top?

The Mountain Bar Mat System is stable enough to be used standing up tall, though we recommend leaning it against a wall when used in this way. It makes for a great way for smaller athletes to work on leg raises without having to climb up to a taller bar.  This is also a great station for smaller athletes to begin working the jump to high bar. 

Can I order the bar frame only and use it in blocks that I already have?

The bar and steel frame is designed to be recessed into the mats and has sturdy Velcro attachments that hold the frame in place.  We do not recommend using the bar and frame except with mats in the Mountain Bar System.

What is the weight limit for the Mountain Bar System?

Athletes up to 200 pounds, when the system is used as intended.


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