Spieth Competition Accelerator Vault Board

Warranty: 12 Months

The Performance Series Accelerator Vault Board by Spieth America features a strategic configuration for seven interchangeable coil springs. Four blue (hard) and three red (soft) provide a positive return.

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The 3-piece bottom design of this competition vault board provides additional flex and return to the top board. A thinner flexible top along with a high density XLPE foam reduces stress on the athlete by displacing the impact over a wider area. Three white lines designate the ''Sweet Spot'' area of the board.

  • Four blue ("Hard") and three red ("Soft") interchangeable
    coil springs
  • For Ages 10-15 years and experienced vaulters
  • Up to 80 kg / 176 lbs
  • Designed to USA Gymnastics, NCAA, NFHS and AAU specifications.
  • Manufactured to meet FIG dimensional specifications
  • Formerly called the Performance Series Accelerator Vault Board
  • Product dimensions 48-in x 20-in x 10-in; Box dimensions 51-in x 21-in x 10-in; 52 lbs
What do I do if my athletes would like the board to feel bouncier?

The board comes with 4 blue, hard springs and 3 red, softer springs. These are fully interchangeable. Remove and change around the location of the springs in the vault board. If the board feels too hard then, remove a couple of the blue springs. Also, placing red springs closer to the front of the board creates a softer punch. It can take a little bit of trial and error to see what each athlete prefers the most. Each gymnast will have a different feeling based on their weight, strength, and speed. Additional red and blue springs can be purchased individually if needed.

What size athlete is this board recommended?

This board is recommended for Ages 10-15 years old up to 176 lbs.


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