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Running comes easy for most, but running properly with efficient mechanics takes time to develop. The Tumbl Trak Running Arms™ are designed to take the guesswork out of arm positioning.

Developed by Tumbl Trak Innovator Jenifer Dodson

Jenifer Dodson innovated a solution to a problem that is common among coaches wanting to teach young athletes about running technique. Simple and effective, instant running form!

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Most young athletes need to be reminded of how important their arms are for speed and power. Once in place, the Running Arms™ position the arms at a desired 90 degrees. The simple design uses a length of soft, stretchy lycra that wraps around the elbow, held in place with comfortable, stitched loops on the thumb.

Adjust the length for different sized athletes using the Velcro tab on the back.

  • Better mechanics = Faster times
  • Efficient movement = Increased endurance

Whatever your motivation, Tumbl Trak Running Arms™ can help you get one step closer to your goals. These lycra straps adjust to make a perfect fit for many sized runners. Just place the loop on the thumb, wrap the strap around the elbow, and place the second loop on the thumb as well. Your arm will be in the ideal 90 degree angle recommended for efficient running.

PATENT# 11191991 

What size forearms do the Running Arms™ fit?

It is best to measure from the pocket of the thumb around the elbow. The shortest length would be 8" and 13" is the longest.

Do the Running Arms™ have Latex?

No, the Running Arms do not have Latex.

Where can I find more information about proper running mechanics?

Our sources include Runners World, Physical Therapists,

How can improved running technique benefit a gymnast?

Faster run = Stronger vault. Better mechanics = Faster times. Efficient movement = Increased endurance. Whatever your motivation, Tumbl Trak Running Arms™ can help you get one step closer to your goals.

What other running technique tips could we use to help an athlete improve their form?

While Running Arms™ are a great way to bring awareness to arm mechanics while running, there are definitely other tips for arm shaping that running experts recommend! 1) Encourage athletes to keep their arms near their body, and NOT crossing over them midline as they swing forward. 2) Hands and wrists should remain relaxed and loose. 3) Elbows should drive backward as far as possible Source: Runners World: Sprinting Technique

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