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The T-Trainer is a cross-over training device for gymnastics, ninja training and more. Shaped like a vault top, springy like a Mini Tramp, and useful everywhere, the T-Trainer will become a coach's favorite training aid. For all ages and levels.

35 Years of Innovation by Doug Davis

Doug Davis is our company's founder and original innovator. On our 35th anniversary, we celebrate Doug and how he has revolutionized the sport helping countless athletes train smarter and safer!

MSRP: $1,499.99
Hot Deal  $1,349.99 $1,499.99
Was  $1,499.99
You save $150.00
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The T-Trainer is a versatile piece of equipment useful for training skills for vault, bars, balance beam mounts and tumbling, in addition to men's apparatus like rings, parallel bars and strength moves, plus ninja courses. Designed with ample padding to keep athletes safe.

  • Provides a softer surface for the wrist and shoulders when used as a vaulting table, helping to reduce overuse injuries.
  • Exceptional rebound helps alleviate the athlete's fear of learning new skills.
  • Lightweight and easy to move from station to station.
  • Place in front of the vault as a springboard, or use as a vault table trainer for Yurchenko's, Tsuk's, Handsprings and more.
  • Use at a bar station to improve circling, handstand, or seat bouncing drills.
  • Top surface is made with a tramp bed material covered with a layer of vinyl.
  • Removable Suede Cover (sold separately) attaches by Velcro to the top, making it look and feel more like a traditional vault top.
  • The 3-ft x 4-ft Vault Base Blocks work perfectly with the T-Trainer to give it a boost in height.
  • Measures 3-feet x 4-feet, the same as a vault table.

    The T-Trainer is protected by Patent No: 9707427
  • 3ft wide x 4ft long
  • Height including pads and center overlay 14in on low end; 20in on high end
  • 4" springs- 35 on each side for a total of 70
  • Weight limit of user = 175 lbs
  • Unit weight - 75lbs
  • Height of bed 12in on low end; 18.5in on high end
  • Ships fully assembled. Shipping dimensions and weight are 50" long x 37" wide x 20" high and weighs 80 lbs.
Patent No: 9707427

Download the T-Trainer Assembly Instructions or Instructions on how to Respring the T-Trainer Bed.
What ceiling height do you recommend for the T-Trainer

A typical gymnast will be about 11 ft in the air when they do a layout yurchenko on a competition vault. We would recommend 16 ft high ceilings when using the T-Trainer for the safety of the athlete. However, If athletes are doing drills and the T-trainer is lower than the normal vault then a shorter ceiling height may be okay, but should be left to the discretion of a trained coach.

What is the weight limit for the T-Trainer?

The weight limit is 175 pounds for the T-Trainer

What skills can be done on the T-Trainer?

T-Trainer is not just for vaulting, but can be used for drills at all events...for both men and women.

What are the shipping weights & dimensions of the T-Trainer?

The T-Trainer is 50" long x 37" wide x 20" high and weighs 80 lbs.

How do I order replacement parts for my T-Trainer?

T-Trainer replacement parts can be ordered from this page.


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