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The Hot Block is small, portable and provides just enough bounce and air time to make the technical corrections needed to improve cheer, dance and gymnastics skills. It is gentle on the body, allowing for practice without added stress on the joints.

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Built for Clubs

Take-offs, rebounds, blocking and conditioning stations are all a breeze with the Hot Block!

  • Use as a gymnastics/cheerleading training station for punch fronts, back tucks and dive rolls, jumps, leaps and turns.
  • Use as a dance training station for pirouettes, fouettes and leaps.
  • Multiples make a great stations to keep your whole team of athletes busy and working.
  • Measures 18-inches x 24-inches x 4-inches thick.
  • Constructed of durable, high-quality vinyl that is made to last.
  • Recommended for use on Carpet Bonded Foam due to its smaller size (Velcro on bottom keeps Hot Block firmly in place).

Perfect for Home

It is gentle on the body, allowing for repetition of skills without added stress on joints, and the compact size makes it portable and easy to store away when not in use. Take-offs, rebounds, blocking and conditioning are all just a few of the MANY uses for the Hot Block.

  • The Hot Block is just 18 inches by 24 inches but packs a considerable punch! 
  • Features hook Velcro on the bottom to help secure it to closed loop carpet surfaces like carpet bonded foam or the carpet Build A Mat.
  • Use it as a gymnastics/cheerleading training aid for punch fronts, back tucks and dive rolls, or to work on technique of jumps, leaps and turns.
  • Dancers can also use the Hot Block for practicing pirouettes, fouettes and leaps.
  • Small enough to store away easily and have a few to toss around and use all over!
  • 18'' wide x 24'' long x 4'' high
  • The bottom features hook Velcro to secure it in place when used on carpet bonded foam
  • Durable DWF Material
  • Includes a foot pump and adapter for the valve

Made in Korea. Designed in the USA.

Download the Air Products Owners Guide here.

Is a pump included?

A foot pump is included with Hot Blocks.

Do Hot Spots and Hot Blocks provide much bounce?

Yes, they both create great bounce. Hot Spots and the smaller Hot Block make great punch drills stations, blocking stations, strength and conditioning stations, and much more. Watch the product videos to see them in action!

What is the recommended weight limit for the Hot Block?

We recommend no one over 175 lbs. use the Hot Block.


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