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Hit the mark with Sweet Spot, an air-filled training aid that improves rebound off the hands and feet of athletes. In this popular bundle, we've included one Sweet Spot and one Jr. Sweet Spot...a perfect combination for all your vaulting needs.

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The Sweet Spot is a training aid that improves rebound off your hands and feet. It is a bouncier substitute for traditional mats and it's small size makes it easy to use around your facility, enhancing stations already set up. You can choose to purchase a denim or suede cover for the Sweet Spot which features a non-skid bottom and loops with straps to attach to other equipment.
The Jr. Sweet Spot is a smaller version of the Sweet Spot, that is 2in thick rather than 3in thick and fits perfectly onto a vault board. Because the Jr. Sweet Spot is filled with air, training on it allows for more reps which is easier on wrists, knees and ankles for back tumbling, front tumbling and vaulting.
  • 36in wide x 47in long x 3in thick.
  • Optional denim or suede cover can be purchased
  • 2ft wide x 4ft long x 2in high
  • The top of the unit has markings to provide a visual aid for proper hand and foot placement
  • Valve flap is located on the top of the Jr. Sweet Spot for easy access to inflate or deflate the mat

Includes a dual action Hand Pump. All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.

Download the Air Products Owner's Instructions here.

Does the Sweet Spot come with a pump?

Yes, a dual action Hand Pump is included with your purchase.

How long can I expect the Sweet Spot to stay inflated?

The Sweet Spot should remain inflated overnight. Most times, you will need to "漷op off" the air with a few pumps from the hand pump in the morning. Note: extreme air temperature changes may cause the air inside to constrict or expand which may be a factor in how tight or soft your Sweet Spot feels.

What is the recommended weight limit for the Sweet Spot?

We recommend no one over 175 lbs. use the Sweet Spot.

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