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Tumbl Trak: Train Smart




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  • 30ft Tumbl Trak
    30ft Tumbl Trak

Tumbl Trak

Nothing is better than the original. The Original Tumbl Trak is a training tool designed to allow for increased repetition of tumbling and gymnastic skills by decreasing stress on body parts.  The Tumbl Trak has become a "must have" piece of equipment for gym clubs and cheerleading programs. Used from beginner to elite levels, it allows athletes to learn and perfect new skills and progressions

24 Months on material and workmanship.

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Tumbl Trak
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Price includes frame, bed, springs, pads, spring tool and training video. Tumbl Trak is the only company to offer such a wide variety of accessories that can be used on the Tumbl Trak enhancing the number of drills, skills and stations you can set up with your Tumbl Trak.  Accessories include the Frame Bar, Quick Flex Bar, Cross Supports and Vault Blocks, Side Pads and Inclines to raise one end of the Tumbl Trak 14in off the floor, creating a downhill tumbling station or bar station.

Another useful feature offered only (or exclusively) by Tumbl Trak is a loop velcro strip that runs along each side of the Tumbl Trak bed.  This velcro allows you to attach other items like the Tumbl Tape, along the edge of the tumbling surface - useful for athletes and coaches to measure the length of their tumbling passes and work towards stretching out their tumbling.  Top mats with hook velcro on the bottom can also be secured to the Velcro edging on the Tumbl Trak."

*Side pads are also highly recommended because they can help prevent injury.

  • Frame is 7ft wide x 21in high
  • Bed is 60in wide black polypropylene bed
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • High Grade Powder Coated Finish
  • 6in tight coil Springs
  • 10in wide pads with 18 oz knife coated vinyl and 1-3/8in thick EVA foam.

  • All models ship via Motor Freight. Made in the USA

24 Months on material and workmanship.

What is the recommended ceiling height for a Tumbl Trak?
A minimum of 12 feet is the recommended ceiling height for a Tumbl Trak.
Can you wear shoes on the Tumbl Trak?
Shoes are not recommended for use on a standard Tumbl Trak bed. We have an Extreme Tumbl Trak that is made for use with shoes.
Are the pads over the springs included with the purchase?
Yes the pads are included with your purchase. There are a variety of optional accessories like the Dismount Mat, skirts, bars, and vault attachments which can be purchased separately.
Download the Tumbl Trak Owner's Instructions here.

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Overview The Original Tumbl Trak is where it all began! The training tool designed to allow for increased repetition of tumbling and gymnastic skills by decreasing stress on body parts. The Xtreme Tumbl Trak is highly recommended for power tumblers or cheerleaders who tumble with shoes. For "extreme" use, a layer of vinyl is sewn to the top of the black tramp bed, adding tension to the spring of the bed as well as durability. The newest addition to the Tumbl Trak family! The Transition Tumbl Trak has a bed that is constructed of hook velcro that offers a feel similar to the Xtreme Trak. Your athletes will transition from the Tumbl Trak to the spring floor in no time ! For increased safety, many gyms prefer to have the Tumbl Trak flush with the floor. Inground Tumbl Traks require a poured cement pit in the floor of your gym.