Acro Dance Pass Training

Using the Air Floor is vital for dancers to get repeitions in for acro skills without the stress on their bodies.

Added Height for a Lever Advantage in an Aerial

Aerials are fun, this station raises the start position up to allow for faster success.

Back Handspring Repetitions

The TumblTrak is a safe way to get numbers in when working on shaping skills like the back handspring.

Back Layout Setting and Shaping

Fun station to develop the Back Layout with out spotting.

Back Tuck Off an Incline

Learning with an advantage is exactly how this Back Tuck station works, perfect for the beginner.

Back Twisting Progression

A series of fun progressions for back twisting- allowing the athletes to progress with body awareness.

Beginning a Front Tuck Beam Mount

Try a Front tuck beam mount? Why not, with the air pit and mat you can practice until you get it.

Conditioning with Air

Hot Spots and Blocks make great spots for group conditioning.

Connecting Front Tumbling

Connecting front tumbling is often a challenge, using the Air Barrels create a fun and effective drill to encourage proper body shape for connecting skills.

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