Pushing Through the Toes for Back Tuck

Pushing through the entire foot is necessary for a successful back tuck, this drill allows the athlete to feel the final push through the toes.

Release Timing for a Shaposh

Throw the bar- this drill allows for a safe and fun station to introduce release skills and helps the athlete to "throw the bar".

Standing Back Tuck with Hurdle Helper

Need the back tuck to go up instead of back, create a spot for reference with these soft blocks.

Strength and Balance Conditioning

Male gymnasts need to hold positions and show control, these drills on the adjustable paralletes are perfect to increase hold time.

Strong Kicks with Sliders

Forward and Side skills require a strong kick to take the athlete over the top, this slider drill gives immediate feedback to the athlete.

T-Trainer Pit Tumbling

The T-Trainer is a great take off when learning tumbling skills into a pit. So many skills, so much fun!

Tick Tocks

Understanding the shoulder flexion required for walkovers is important, giving a prop for the feet will increase awareness of the movement required for the shoulders.

Tkatchev Hip and Shoulder Drill

Working drills for big skills is fun, this is easy to setu up and safe to begin with younger athletes.

Tsukahara Beginners Progression

Learning to round off up hill is the first step for the Tsukahara vault.

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