Continuing Momentum

Using the Hot Spot will allow the cheerleader to immediately create more rotation and speed.

Core & Hip Mobility & Strengthening

Dancers use sliders to increase core control, hip flexibility and movility, strengthing ankles and quads.

Core Control for Twisting Cradles

Cheerleaders need core control and understanding of body positions for full down, this is a great side station.

Creating Fun & Versatile Conditioning Circuits

The Al Fong Block system is great to create a wide variety of conditioning, flexibility and strength circuts.

Dancer Hip & Split Flexibility

Dancers need hip flexibility and stability and these slider exercises provide immediate feedback to the athlete.

Front Layout Spotting and Body Shaping

Giving a spot to focus on for the front layout is a great teaching tool, in this drill the Air Barrel is a perfect focus spot.

Leg Tightening for Jumps & Leaps

Activation of the back leg in jumps and leaps is hard to master, using the Fitness Wheel you can create a fun and safe station to develop leaps and jumps.

Maloney Release Timing Drill

Maloney- break it down into parts with this fun and safe drill.

Punch Front Step Out Timing Drill

Front tuck step out is all about timing, this station is a great no spot way to help the cheerleader develop this tumbling pass.

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