Added Height for a Lever Advantage in an Aerial

Aerials are fun, this station raises the start position up to allow for faster success.

Back Layout Flat Body Shaping

Flat body for the layout position is tricky, this drill is fun and safe and will have quick results.

Back Layout Setting and Shaping

Fun station to develop the Back Layout with out spotting.

Back Tuck Off an Incline

Learning with an advantage is exactly how this Back Tuck station works, perfect for the beginner.

Back Tuck Setting and Shaping

Jump up first is the key to a back tuck and this drill provides a safe easy way to understand the set and shapes needed.

Back Tuck Shaping for Beginner Athletes

Back Tuck shaping by rolling off a panel mat will keep the body in the correct position and create success faster.

Back Twisting Progression

A series of fun progressions for back twisting- allowing the athletes to progress with body awareness.

Back Twisting Timing Drill

Twisting the back layout is late and this drill helps to figure out the timing without a spotter.

Blocking Drill

Speed of movement is critical for powerful tumbling, the Hot Spot is great for multiple repitions of this drill.

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