This drill helps the cheerleader to push through the feet when learning the backhandspring.

Standing Back Tuck Drill

Increase hip rise for the back tuck with this easy set up side station.

Standing Back Tuck with Hurdle Helper

Need the back tuck to go up instead of back, create a spot for reference with these soft blocks.

Strengthening the Kickover in a Back Walkover

Cheerleaders learn to activate the kickover leg for the back walkover with this fun and safe side station.

Taking Away the Fear of Connecting Skills

Connection block for back tumbling? Break it down with this soft and forgiving station.

Twisting for Beginners

Cheerleading flyers can begin to work the full down shapes on the floor even if they are just beginning.

Using a Barrier to Work Proper Take Off Positioning

Pushing back for a back handspring can be difficult to understan, add this soft barrier for easy, safe learning.

Using Visuals for Straighter Tumbling

Tumbling should go in a straight line, right? Why not try the TumblTape and see how straight you are.

Using Visuals to Lengthen a Back Handspring

Stop that undercut back handspring with visual cues, this drill is safe and effective.

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