Cartwheel Lever Drill

Open Shoulder Trainers are a gentil reminder for head placement and shoulder action required in a cartwheel.

Cartwheel Step in, Snap up

Using obstacles, visuals and soft landings will create great skills. Try this set up for Cartwheel step in snap up with your cheerleaders.

Continuing Momentum

Using the Hot Spot will allow the cheerleader to immediately create more rotation and speed.

Core Control for Twisting Cradles

Cheerleaders need core control and understanding of body positions for full down, this is a great side station.

Elevated Kickover

Learn a back walkover by starting with this great elevated bridge station.

Full Down Warm-Ups

Full Down into a cradle takes practice, this station allows the flyer to figure it out first.

Handstand Snap Down on Bouncy Surface

Need to create faster turn over in your tumbling, this drill is just for you.

Liberty On the Fly Right

Flyers need to fly- but first get them strong and body aware with this the Fly Right.

Measuring Steps for Tumbling

TumblTape will help with spacing and timing for your group tumbling and performance excellenct.

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