One Arm Drop Cartwheel - Aerial Drill

A far arm cartwheel down hill will help the athlete to move over the top of the skill with speed while delaying the hands on the floor for aerial development.

Open Shoulder Isolation

Need help reminding cheerleaders to keep their shoulders open, try this simple yet effective drill with the Open Shoulder Trainer.

Punch Front Step Out Timing Drill

Front tuck step out is all about timing, this station is a great no spot way to help the cheerleader develop this tumbling pass.

Punching Drill

Cheerleaders need a quick verticle punch for a successful front tuck, the air floor pro is perfect for this drill.

Pushing Through the Toes for Back Tuck

Pushing through the entire foot is necessary for a successful back tuck, this drill allows the athlete to feel the final push through the toes.

Round Off Body Shaping

Give immediate feedback to your cheerleaders on Round offs by using this fun and safe station- obstacles are awesome.

Round Off Shaping Drill

Round Off shaping is so important to generate speed and power, this set up gives great visual ques to create just that.

Round-off Body Shaping

Cheerleaders can use the Air Barrel to help creat the round shape desired for the 2nd 1/2 of the skill.

Shoulder Blocking for a Front Handspring

Making sure to activate the shoulders during the front handspring can be tricky, using the air floor pro, cheerleaders get immediate response.

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