Acro Dance Pass Training

Using the Air Floor is vital for dancers to get repeitions in for acro skills without the stress on their bodies.

Added Height for a Lever Advantage in an Aerial

Aerials are fun, this station raises the start position up to allow for faster success.

Back Handspring Onto A Pit Pillow

Pit Pillows are great training aids for skills such as the beginner back handspring.

Back Handspring Repetitions

The TumblTrak is a safe way to get numbers in when working on shaping skills like the back handspring.

Back Tuck Setting and Shaping

Jump up first is the key to a back tuck and this drill provides a safe easy way to understand the set and shapes needed.

Back Tuck Shaping Using Resistance

Using a Thera Band to create resisitance while learning to shape the back tuck- shins up and round back.

Back Walkover using Half Rounds

Beam Back Walkover using the Half Round is a perfect way for the beginner to gain confidence.

Bail Progression for Beginners

Big skill fun- start early and often to get the desired shape for the shoot over- so the mechanics become automatic when you go to the bar.

Beginner Stalder Compression and Entry Drill

Compression- quick hip rotation- this station has both and can be started early to teach the body how to stalder.

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