Leg Tightening for Jumps & Leaps

Activation of the back leg in jumps and leaps is hard to master, using the Fitness Wheel you can create a fun and safe station to develop leaps and jumps.

Lengthening Handsprings

Need lots of handspring reps, the air floor with the line down the middle is a great station with built in visual aides.

Obstacle Course Wall

Going up and over is so FUN, the Power Launch can help you create fun and exciting obstacle courses.

Onodi Drill

The Onodi is a technical skill requiring many different actions. The Air Barrel is a fun and safe way to introduce these parts.

Pirouette Training and Body Shaping

Grip changes in handstand- find a wall and have some fun.

Press to Handstand from Elevated Height

Booster Blocks provide a lever advantage while learning the press handstand, hands and feet give the visual.

Reverse Grip Handstand Shaping

Reverse Grip handstands are so important- use this side station to reinforce this grip- it is fun and can be done without a spot.

Standing Back Tuck Drill

Increase hip rise for the back tuck with this easy set up side station.

Stem Rise to Kip Cast Handstand

Fun for all ages. Great side stationm to understand the timing of the cast our of a kip.

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