Strength and Balance Conditioning

Male gymnasts need to hold positions and show control, these drills on the adjustable paralletes are perfect to increase hold time.

Teaching Beginners to Support and Shift their Weight

Weight transfer from one foot to the other is confusing for some preschoolers, this drill is easy with lots of visual cues.

Tkatchev Hip and Shoulder Drill

Working drills for big skills is fun, this is easy to setu up and safe to begin with younger athletes.

Tsukahara Beginners Progression

Learning to round off up hill is the first step for the Tsukahara vault.

Tumbl Tape Bean Bag Fun

Preschool gymnastics is so much more than skills, color matching with the Tumbl Tape is great for critical thinking and dexterity.

Using Bar Wall for Clear Hips

Need to get numbers in? This is a perfect side station for athletes to achieve clear hips.

Using the Tumbl Trak Downhill Incline

Tumbl Trak Inclines make for great beginner tumbling stations.

Working Safe Landings for More Advanced Athletes

Safe landings- repetition and body awareness are key!.

Working the Punch and Rotation for a Punch Front

Front Tucks start with hip rise, this station is perfect to teach that and a fun side station to work solo.

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