Creating Fun & Versatile Conditioning Circuits

The Al Fong Block system is great to create a wide variety of conditioning, flexibility and strength circuts.

Encourage Big Swings in Beginners

Pressure on the bar in the back swing- how about starting on the low bar- easy fun side station for all ages.

Full Down Warm-Ups

Full Down into a cradle takes practice, this station allows the flyer to figure it out first.

Glide N Grab

Toes up and out on a glide- how about a mountain of a challenge with this drill.

Handstand Back Handspring Combination on Laser Beam

Connection troubles? Try the laser beam to give a visual during the connection of beam skills.

Handstand Flatback Drill

Heel drive- use the Air Barrle, Pit Pillow and have fun creating a fast turn over for the flatback.

Home Training Beam Set-up

The Laser Beam Lite is perfect to perfect your skills at home and can easily stack on panel mats to add height.

Kipping With the Forster Bar

Kip timing is so important, this drill puts it all together- toes to the bar, hollow chest, shifting to the top, and feet in front- great side station.

Landing Position for Beginners

Landing position from a raised surface is a great way to practice the correct body shape.

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