Applying Movement to Basic Bar Shapes

Static no more- swing through shapes and grips while hanging out.

Bail Progression Drill For Beginners Continued

Timing is everything on release skills- so start safe with fun drills like this one.

Bail Progression for Beginners

Big skill fun- start early and often to get the desired shape for the shoot over- so the mechanics become automatic when you go to the bar.

Bar Shaping and Tapping Drill

Understand the arch and hollow shape on bars quickly with this sensory station.

Basic Bar Strengthening

Hanging around- make it a challenge with different shapes and grips.

Beginner Stalder Compression and Entry Drill

Compression- quick hip rotation- this station has both and can be started early to teach the body how to stalder.

Beginners Pirouette Drill

Toes lead the way, great drill to understand the pirouette.

Beginners Shoot Through Drill

Afraid to shoot through, break it down-this is easy, can be done solo and will create confidence.

Beginners Stalder Compression Drill

Looking for a great sides station at bars? Fun, safe and can be started in preteam- developing confidence for years to come.

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