Glide Shaping and Strengthening

Maintaining pressure and body tension while moving on the bars starts in the glide- drill, drill, drill.

Glide Swings using Jr. Bar PRO and Forster Bar

Glide swings for shape with 2 points of contact help the body to understand the tension needed- have fun.

Handstand Shaping with Adjustable Height Parallettes

Handstands everywhere- side stations all around the gym using the adjustable parallettes.

Kipping With the Forster Bar

Kip timing is so important, this drill puts it all together- toes to the bar, hollow chest, shifting to the top, and feet in front- great side station.

Maintaining the Compression and Drop in a Stalder for Beginners

Stalder progressions moving to the low bar- safe, fun and will build confidence.

Maloney Release Timing Drill

Maloney- break it down into parts with this fun and safe drill.

Near Side Pirouette Drill

Pirouette earlier- Now you can with this easy, safe side station- No fear just fun.

Pirouette Drill on Frame Bar

It's all about timimg and this drill will help the athlete to understand the pirouette timing faster.

Pirouette Training and Body Shaping

Grip changes in handstand- find a wall and have some fun.

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