Static Hold for Clear Hip

Static shapes are vital for bars- why add movement if they don't understand the shape- start early and develop young.

Stem Rise to Cast Handstand

Connection- help athletes connect the feeling of casting without the fear of falling over- FUN is the name of the game.

Stem Rise to Kip Cast Handstand

Fun for all ages. Great side stationm to understand the timing of the cast our of a kip.

Straddle Back to Handstand

No bars today- no problem. Use the fitness wheel and tumbl trak to start straddle backs and watch the smiles appear.

Straddle Cast Handstand Drill

Bottoms up- this drill teaches the mechanices of a straddle cast in a fun and safe way.

Stride Circle on Training Bar

No need for a regulation bar to master the stride circle, this works great.

Stutz for Beginners

Stutz training- a safe station for teaching both for the athlete and the coach.

Tkatchev Hip and Shoulder Drill

Working drills for big skills is fun, this is easy to setu up and safe to begin with younger athletes.

Undershoot Dismount on 5-in-1 Bar System

Athletes won't drop their hips in this drill, create a great undershoot shape confidently on the 5 in 1 bar.

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