Blind Change Body Shaping Drill

Blind change body shape- how to help them understand the importance of a tight core and correct head position all on the ground.

Bouncing Cast to Handstand Drill

Fun, easy to set up side station to work on the cast handstand.

Bouncy Kip Drill

Kips before the even pull over- yes with this side station everyone can do a kip.

Breaking Down Straddle Handstand Positions for Beginners

Straddle casting can be confusing, this drill helps the athlete understand the hip rise needed to be successful.

Cast to Handstand on 5-in-1 Bar System

A FUN and easy station to get athletes to lean over the bar when casting.

Chin Levers

Start Shapes and Strength early- chin levers are so important.

Clear Hip Circle using T-Trainer

Multiple repititions for a clear hip using the t-trainer to simulate the cast. Done with out a spot and will .

Clear Hip Shoulder Strengthening Drill

Quick understanding of the core and shoulder can be developed easily in this fun and safe side station for casting, circling and so much more.

Clear Hip Strengthening Drill

Opening up on bars is tricky- develolp the muscles needed in this great side station.

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