Preparing for a Tippelt Tap

P-Bar training on the floor- why not, develop the Tippelt Tap on the ground to increase confidence of timing.

Release Timing for a Shaposh

Throw the bar- this drill allows for a safe and fun station to introduce release skills and helps the athlete to "throw the bar".

Resistance Training for Bars

Strength and shapes for bars need to be developed- this is a great side station for understanding body tension while moving.

Reverse Grip Handstand Shaping

Reverse Grip handstands are so important- use this side station to reinforce this grip- it is fun and can be done without a spot.

Shoot Through Cut Back on Fitness Wheel

Class full of kids and no bars- grap a fitness wheel and start the shoot through- fun, safe and teaches all the right things.

Shoulder Lean for Cast to Handstands using Floor Bar

Lean over the bar- this drill will help to create confidence to get to handstand on bars.

Shoulder Lean in Cast to Handstand

Can't find verticle on bars, this easy and safe drill will do just that. Lean and grow tall, a handsand is in reach.

Shoulder Lean to Planche

Lean and open- two very important shoulder actions on bars- this set up helps with both.

Shoulder Shifting for Pirouettes

Lean- learning to put the weight on the correct side is easy in this solo, safe station.

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