Air Barrel & Cradles Wall Station

Need a wall in the middle of the room, the Air Barrel with Cradles is just the answer.

Back Extension Roll Drill for Beginners

Back Extension rolls are important developmentally, rolling off the Booster Block and using an Open Shoulder Traininer will help with understanding the mechanics quickly.

Back Extension Roll to Push Up

The Forster Bar and Folding Incline are a great side station to teach the Back Extension to Push-up- floor and bars in one station.

Back Handspring Body Wave

Understanding the body wave effect during the back handspring is crutial for development, this station is a great way to teach this.

Back Handspring Onto A Pit Pillow

Pit Pillows are great training aids for skills such as the beginner back handspring.

Back Handspring Repetitions

The TumblTrak is a safe way to get numbers in when working on shaping skills like the back handspring.

Back Tuck Setting and Shaping Drill

Back Tucks need hip lift, this station allows the athlete to learn to set first and flip second.

Back Tuck Shaping For Beginners

A back pullover using an Air Barrel is a fun station for beginners to keep the desired body shape for a future back tuck.

Back Tuck Shaping Using Resistance

Using a Thera Band to create resisitance while learning to shape the back tuck- shins up and round back.

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