Front & Back Facing Wall Handstands

Using the Power Launch to create a wall is a perfect place to practice handstands.

Front Handspring Blocking Station

Learning to block off the floor in a front handspring is easy in this set up using the sweet spot and mats.

Front Handspring Hands and Feet Placement

Front handpsrings on the Hop Scotch Mat are a great way to teach hand and feet placement.

Front Layout Progression for Beginners

Using spotting blocks to create a channel is a great way to teach a front layout.

Front Layout Shaping for Beginners

Front Handpsrings over a resi pit are a great way to start a front layout.

Front Layout Spotting and Body Shaping

Giving a spot to focus on for the front layout is a great teaching tool, in this drill the Air Barrel is a perfect focus spot.

Front Walkover Connection Drill

Rolling an Octagon after the completion of the front walkover will help with connections.

Fun Sissonne Split Jump Drill

Knocking something down is FUN, this sissone drill is a great way to get the back leg to lift.

Hands and Feet Guides for Forward Rolls

Visual aides are vital for teaching skills, using Hands and Feet to help the athlete know what is expected makes skill learning faster and more successful.

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