Handstand Bridge Kickover for Beginners

Handstand to bridge on a raised surface is a great first drill for the kickover.

Handstand Forward Roll from Incline

Beginners love the handstand forward roll, this drill is a fun side station- by putting the feet far away you encourage a straight arm roll.

Handstand up to Elevated Height

Going uphill for a handstand will increase the kick needed to attain vertical.

Improving Lever & Reach with Numbers

TumblTape and Numbers make a great game when working on the lever action in the handstand.

Incline Cartwheels for Beginners

Up and down is great when teaching a cartwheel, using the lines on the incline is a bonus.

Landing Position for Beginners

Landing position from a raised surface is a great way to practice the correct body shape.

Learning to Fully Extend Through Jumps and Leaps

Develop ankle strength needed for jumps and leaps with this fun slider exercise.

Leg Tightening for Jumps & Leaps

Activation of the back leg in jumps and leaps is hard to master, using the Fitness Wheel you can create a fun and safe station to develop leaps and jumps.

Lengthening Handsprings

Need lots of handspring reps, the air floor with the line down the middle is a great station with built in visual aides.

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