Back Walkover Hand and Feet Placement

The HopScotch Beam Mat is great for FUN but did you know it is also a fantastic way to teach backwalkovers.

Backwards Bean Bag Grab

Tackle the fear of going backward with the Air Barrel and Bean Bags.

Beginners Forward Roll Drill

No hands down at the end of a forward roll, no problem, just use the hands on the wall for a quick high 5.

Cartwheel Against Wall

Pressing the hips to the wall in the cartwheel while learning will make progressing easy. Hands and feet visuals are great for young learners.

Cartwheel Flat Body Drill

No pike in that cartwheel with this fun and easy to set up drill.

Cartwheel Lever Drill

Open Shoulder Trainers are a gentil reminder for head placement and shoulder action required in a cartwheel.

Cartwheel Over Mini Ramp

Increasing the kick over the top for a cartwheel is important for moving on, this drill will help the athlete feel the power they need to generate.

Cartwheel Shaping Drill

Straight over the top for a cartwheel is a must, this drill uses the hurdle helper and hands and feet as visual aides, success!.

Cartwheeling with Tumbl Tape

The TumblTape and Numbers are a great way to use visuals for teaching cartwheels.

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