Lever Advantage for Front Handsprings

Using an Incline for the front handspring give the athlete an advantage creating success faster.

Longer Reach for a Round Off

1/2 Rounds are a perfect way to space out the round off and keep it straight.

Open Body Back Handspring Drill

The Orbiter is the perfect station to teach back handspring to anyone.

Pushing Through the Toes for Back Tuck

Pushing through the entire foot is necessary for a successful back tuck, this drill allows the athlete to feel the final push through the toes.

Reinforcing a Straighter Back Handspring

Going downhill and through a tunnel will help to create a straight powerful back handspring.

Round Off Hand Placement

Using a 1/2 round and Fun Sticks to create this round off station is fun and creates great shapes.

Round Off Shaping Using an Air Barrel

Round off over an Air Barrel for quick shaping feedback. Fun and safe for all levels .

Round-Off Back Handspring with Sticky Toes

"Keep your feet together"- the stick toes do the talking for you, providing a audible cue when feet come apart.

Round-Off Strengthening

The Power Launch is a great way to help with the rebound out of the round off.

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