Skill Connection for Beginners

Jump back drills are great to establish what a skill connection feels like in this safe and fun set up.

Snap Back

Using the Folding Incline to teach the hip lift in the back handspring is a fun and easy side station.

Snap Open Toss

Even preschoolers can have fun training the back handspring with this drill.

Snap Quarter Turns

1/4 turns teach the athlete the heel snap required to do skills, adding a the Tumbl Tape and numbers help the athlete understand what the expectations are immediately.

Snapping Action for a Back Handspring

The Fitness Wheel is a fun place to break down the snap action needed for the back handspring.

Strong Kicks with Sliders

Forward and Side skills require a strong kick to take the athlete over the top, this slider drill gives immediate feedback to the athlete.

T-Trainer Pit Tumbling

The T-Trainer is a great take off when learning tumbling skills into a pit. So many skills, so much fun!

Teaching Beginners to Support and Shift their Weight

Weight transfer from one foot to the other is confusing for some preschoolers, this drill is easy with lots of visual cues.

Tick Tocks

Understanding the shoulder flexion required for walkovers is important, giving a prop for the feet will increase awareness of the movement required for the shoulders.

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